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Classic Design with an Edge

Modern Mosaics. 


A twist on a classic art form. Something to satisfy those with a sophisticated eye; craving something unique and special. 


This collection of accent pieces was created from my desire to combine clean lines and compelling hues with interesting patterns that would all work well together. 


Hand-cut stained glass pieces are Smoothcast™ into our proprietary stone blend creating outdoor durability with perfectly smooth tops. Base styles are treated in our multi-step powder coating process that adds beauty and provides lasting protection. 


Art harmonizing with function. It’s a beautiful thing! 

This new collection has four designs in three different colors combos with six different aluminum base styles.

To order, select the colors of your top, followed by the design. Then choose your aluminum base style, and finally, choose your base finish!

All items made by hand as such, colors and sizes will vary slightly.




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