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Got Moxie?

We are a fast growing company and always have positions for the right people. Bring your drive and passion to us and we will give you a home for your career to flourish. 
Our team is assembled from a diverse background of driven people and we are always open to new ideas and new definitions of success. If you find that you don't quite fit into a mold, you might feel right at home here. 
A career at KNF - Neille Olson enjoys the resources of a multi-decade corporation with the growth opportunities of a thriving start-up. 
Everyone on our team has:
  • A high level of computer aptitude
  • Passion for being successful
  • Fond appreciation of our innovative designs
  • Situationally aware sense of humor
  • Exciting ideas with unabridged follow-through
  • Insatiable drive for betterment in their field
If you share our values, get in touch! We want to hear your story. 
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